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1. Move Around Your Buildings and Pave Your Streets Without a Maintenance
• Constructed up factories produce basic materials, such as Minerals, Seeds, Wood, Plastic and Metal. Before you tend to the other important features of your city, make sure you set the jobs required to produce these products beforehand. Finishing off these substances leads to your shops having the items needed to produce their products after all. While your waiting for each of these goods to get to the end of the production time job, kill a little time and work around your residential areas. For the items which require much longer to finish producing, set them to work during those phases of you leaving the game.
• You should never worry about paying for anything when it comes to organizing and re-organzing the construction and roads you've already placed in your city. Customize your city as much as you would like in regards to altering the location of buildings and roads and your master plan for a well-running city will come to fruition.
2. Expanding Your Population is Crucial to Your Success
• Creating a massive city with the kind working parts which make it run without a lot of problems is the name of the game. This in turn leads to your custom city considerably increasing in population. Have plenty of individuals move in by building plenty of new homes and upgrading them as far as possible. More people residing in your city means you will gain more tax money which may be used for beautification projects. Build up a couple of parks, keep your city's population happy and you will collect more coins on a daily basis from the City Hall.
3. Make Your Factories Work for You At All Times of Live and Offline Play
4. Pay Close Attention to Your Buildings' Area of Effect
• Properly running residential areas in the sport means making good use of the city services provided to you. Residential zones most definitely require fire stations, police stations and other buildings of the ilk built within the region. These buildings should be built and placed in close proximity to residential districts, which leads to a positive area of effect and assists that zone generate more tax income.

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